The Discipline of Playing with your Children

Texts, emails, facebook - any technology that forces us to leave our present task or company - has invaded the family life, hasn't it? I know my mind is often very divided as I put together a puzzle with my son with one hand and answer a text in another. Not fully present. The practice of "presence" is gone. And I know Robby is aware; he knows and even asks me to stop texting and help him out, read to him, play with him.

Does anyone have this problem, or is it just me? I have forgotten how to just play with my son. To just Be.

Recently I have decided that I will play for some set uninterrupted increments with Robby (and they end up going longer). I will not answer my phone in anyway (b/c I can get everything on it) and I will be a mom. He is only this sweet, malleable age once. I want to simplify my time and my life in my job of mothering.

So - I apologize to you now, dear friends. If I am not as quick to answer my call or any other ping - I am practicing "presence."

And if you really need me, you'll just come on over and join my family. You are quite welcome.

(Robby wanted to wear his goggles to the park...) robby