Mid-October. One Dress. One Year....

I am seriously thinking about it. Like 96% sure. I ordered the pattern today. I put in the call to my mom: "Mom!" "Yes?!" "Will you sew a dress for me that I will wear every single day for 365 days straight?" "Sure....it sounds.....fun." (Note the you-might-be-kinda-crazy...but I love you and I'll help you in her voice)

Call to my sister:

"Hol!" "What?!!" "What if I wore the same dress for every single day for an entire year?" Long pause. "That's....disgusting." (Note the what-the-H-is-wrong-with-you? in her voice) Later on my sister said: "Ok, if you do it - go Navy. Super hip right now. You look great in Navy Blue. (Not black) Goes with everything. Check Vogue.....you weirdo.)


The 4% (in no order and selfishly rooted): -What if I get pregnant? Do I keep wearing it until I explode and bust it? -I will miss strapless items in the summer - well, I can't swim in it - so a swimsuit will be good for sunkissed shoulders. The dress is her cover-up for swim times. -Will my husband, after, say, 78 days of the same dress still say: Man, this woman is so attractive!!! Eek....nervous. I like being cute for my man. -I will have to make some exercise rules for this: when I am exercising (daily) like running and playing tennis - I will shed the dress. But as for "Hmmm....what am I wearing today..." it will be the dress. Every day. -Practical barrier: I will have to wash it every 2-3 days, right? That's pretty often....when will have time to do that?

Anyone want to join me? Erica is really thinking about it.....I know that the Uniform Project loves the sustainability and wants to spread it to others on this idea.

They also have a One Month. One Dress. One Cause. Idea....that seems like an option many of us could take on.

I think I could start Mid-October. And considering doing 2 causes: a local and global cause on Human Trafficking:

The Daughter Project (a Bowling Green/Toledo Safe House for those recovering from the I-75/I80-90 Sex Trafficking Industry and The India Project (Aruna Project). Our ministry has a partnership in Mumbai and spent some time with the women in the slums of India this summer partnered with the Aruna Project.

Any thoughts or wisdom or advice?