Calling 12 Women

I am getting cold feet, I have to admit. And it's not about coldness, it's about heat. I think Summer time will be the hardest time for me to wear one dress. I love to dig in the dirt, run around with my kid, play in the sandbox and just kinda sweat like a pig. A dainty, feminine swine, if you will. (No one has ever described me as dainty.....just threw it in there) I get dirty and hot and playful and wearing a dress is not conducive. Thoughts?

I am pretty determined to figure out how to do this for one your ideas are super helpful. AND I'm all about community on this one.

So I would like to call forth 12 women who will take a month of the year (first come first serve, I suppose) to wear one dress with me. I will take the year. You just tagalong for a month. Anyone?

I still plan to launch this Mid-October - maybe earlier if I can get the dress pattern in decent time and then sewn. It's ordered. ;)

And I am really leaning toward raising money for The Daughter Project - which just got land yesterday! They plan to build their home Habitat for Humanity-style and get it up and running quickly.

In other news - today is Milkshake Monday as I mourn another month gone by for no baby. All I really want is a milkshake. And a good cry. And to punch somebody in the face. (Did I just write that?) All true. I'll try to stick to the first two.

Maybe I'll ask Robby to play me a sad tune on Uncle Sean's borrowed mandolin....(what a rockstar) amandalin