Two Manhattans A Day...

....helps you live 'til your 80. My grandpa just turned 80 this past week. We had a fun little party to celebrate with other spry 70 and 80 year olds. One specific character ya gotta love:

Uncle Peanut.

I've always liked Uncle Peanut. He's a fun-loving sweet man. He gives you a good wink, a great hug, and a wry smile that says: "I've been it up, people."

He waltzes into the party with 2 items: a thermos and a jar of maraschino cherries. Must be all a man needs at 80. After telling my husband that he doesn't buy green bananas anymore, he heads to the kitchen to do what he came to do: he made a few good old fashion Manhattans.

He says he has two a day. He went snow skiing last winter. He gambles. He's 80. Fantastic.

Rob and Uncle Peanut became buds over an iced somethin' that night. My Grandpa and Peanut have drank many a manhattan over the years and are quite willing to share.

Happy 80th, G-pa.

(I am neither enamored with nor afraid of manhattans....just an 80 year old tale) rand gpa