Human Trafficking Weekly Fact

Fact: According to the Ohio Trafficking Commission 2009 Report, there are probably at least 1,000 Ohio girls who are being trafficked at this moment.

At The Daughter Project, they are committed to helping people who are enslaved by traffickers to find freedom, recovery and justice.  They believe that God does not want us to ignore the suffering of people nor idly watch as others risk their lives to arrest the perpetrators and rescue the victims.

The FBI, in conjunction with other law enforcement officials, recently arrested 884 people for trafficking/prostitution and other related offenses, while rescuing 69 children during their fifth nationwide sting operation; Operation Cross Country V.  Locally, 43 people were arrested and 2 girls were rescued.  These arrests are rescues are great news but they are also incredibly sad because they only represent a tiny fraction of all the people involved in trafficking in the United States!

I would love for you to support the rescue of these women and the building of the Daughter Project House and all the needs that go into housing rescued girls. Here's Day 2 and 3:


day 3