Sobering Christmas

Thanks to Uncle Josh for making me a counter to your right....letting you know how many days I've been wearing this thing.... From TDP post today:

Most of us cannot and would not want to imagine what it would be like to be a literal slave.  It is incredible to think that baby girls who were born in Toledo have grown up to be 13 years old (or younger) and are now being held captive in a room by an immeasurably selfish man who rapes and beats her in order to force her to be sexually abused repeatedly by other men every day of her life.  I cannot imagine a more terribly dark and horrendous existence for a human being than this.  What more must I say to convince you that we must do something to help?

With Christmas upon us I want to stop and be mindful of the celebration of the birth of Hope. The birth of Love. The birth of Good News to the Poor, Binding up of Brokenhearted ones, of Liberty to the Captives. I agree with The Daughter Project Statement: I don't know why God allows human trafficking to happen; but I do know He wants us to stop it.

.....I told Robby that we need to have a thankful heart this Christmas (as he was coming onto a tantrum for "more") and that some children don't get any gifts at all. He stopped. He looked at me, very sad and said: But why, Momma? Ohhhh. That's SO sad. Why, Momma?

I don't know, baby. The world can be so sad sometimes.

On a lighter note: I got up from singing to my child tonight for bedtime and heard: "rrrrriiiippppp!" Crap. My first tear. The back hem is busted....eek. Tomorrow: Mending is on the list. And I think I will go for 40 days without a repeat. But then I will pull out some of my favorite combos for an upcoming conference that I need to pack for.....because I know they work already.

day 36