IndyCC Speaking

I'm heading to Indianapolis for a 4 day conference with around 2000 college students from 4 states. IndyCC 2010. It's a really exciting time as students hear from speakers, get to distribute food to those in need and have a time of worship together to ring in the New Year (talk about the biggest New Year's Eve bash ever) with students from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan. One of the daunting and amazing moments for me this week will be the morning of the Dec 31 at 10am. I am speaking, with my dear friend Kelly, to just the women of the conference....about 1000 students. That's A LOT.

I am speaking on: "The Unmistakable Beauty We Have to Offer". Please pray for me, for the women, for that time. I will undoubtably shaking in my boots (literally) on stage and feeling inadequate. It's a BIG stage. May I be confident in what God has for that time. May I also not fret about my limited choices in what to wear in front of one thousand women - it's about The Daughters. Not me.

And I've made it over 40 days of not one repeat in my wardrobe. Kind of crazy. Do I really have that many clothes? Or am I just creative with things? What's the scoop....? I will be repeating now...which is actually a lot less stress to settle in to some go-to sweaters and leggings. How's your wardrobe going?


You gotta mix up your poses if you are taking a picture of yourself everyday....


What grey dress? Holiday spirit underneath....



With my dear friend Martha....loved spending a holiday together.

6Boots: Blue Suede Grandma's from Carrie! Thanks!!! (Me on our Christmas date...thought quite it!)