Thoughts on Month 2

photo photo-3

photo-2Today marks the beginning of Month 3  -Good job Sarah! You did one month with me and I am so grateful. Today, I confess, I have only had on pjs as I have fought to bring my head out of the toilet for a few minutes. January sickness and flu are unkind and just plain rude.

I finally tucked it in, as I've threatened to do when I am just over having to skip fun pants in my life. Not bad. Like a bulky shirt cinched in the middle of the waste with a belt.

Can we talk about belts for a moment? Never have I had so many in my closet, and never have I thoroughly enjoyed messing with them on my waste. And never have I been so thankful for their invention. They have been a life saver for this project and quite festive! Thanks to Erica, Sandy, Tiffany, Jenn and Carrie for the gift of belts, borrowed or given!

Some challenges to 60 days of one dress: It has started to get a bit thin in a few spots. Maybe by the end I will patch it, who knows. Some days I just don't want to wear it and would rather just have a cute top on and pants, like your average dressing person. And if I wear it by itself, no undershirt, it smells a lot faster and I have to wash it a lot more. When the grass looks greener on others who are wearing normal clothes - I remember Amber and her insights about the build up to wear whatever she wanted when she was done with her month. Anti-climatic. The grass is greener on the other side, but you still have to mow the lawn, says a wise neighbor of mine.

Pros to one dress for 2 months so far: the awareness has been really fun! I don't have to think what I need to wear today  - and have fallen for a few staple cardigans to throw on with it. I have grown less aware of the reality of my "outfit" and know that it's mapped out for me. I still like the actual dress. Gray is cute, versatile and fun right now. I try to think about the simplicity of it as I purge more clothing (have gotten 2 things out of my closet per week of doing the project) and how I operate with SO MUCH more than the rest of the world. Filthy rich in one gray dress, to be sure.

Question: how is it that I still have piles of clothing on my floor? Reduce, reuse, recycle. Let's clean it out and not let more march right in!

Next up: At least 5 college students have donned a cute number with me today and will be faithful for blogging and awareness as they go. I will try to post a group photo as soon as the stars align.