TDP plus One Dress equals Fox Toledo News interview

Well in less than 6 hours I got a call from the news station, she came and interviewed/filmed me at my house, and then aired a 3 minute spot (pretty long for TV) on why in the world I would wear one dress for 6 months straight. What a whirlwind. Between pregnancy and press - I am feeling pretty beside myself. For The Daughters! Check it out.

On another note, I have been pretty speechless about our pregnancy (couldn't post much else but the results for a while)

When I took the test at 11am that day, I really thought: "Let's just get the negative so I can look forward to the hot tub at our retreat.....I am sure my period will come the hour after I take this...."

And then: Positive.


We don't GET positive test results. Did someone else already pee on this stick? Am I seeing this right? Why did it show up so fast? Breathing...running back and forth....overwhelmed....really????

Yes, really.

I had to then wait 7 hours until Rob came home (I tried to just go surprise him at work but he had client meetings back to back ALL day) I had to keep this little secret between God and I all day. Which was fun, but nutso.

Our baby is a direct gift from God. That is all there is to it. We certainly aren't special or different this month than last - just gift receivers.

I am painfully aware and keenly sensitive to the women that I am praying for, to some of you that are making this journey and fight the bitterness when you hear others are pregnant and think: what about me??? I know. You know I know.

God, please give them a gift, too. Please.

Praise be to Pregnancy, Press and Pushing through bitterness, heartache, and despair.