Gray as Cover

This was an inspiring little note from my friend Teresa the other day: As you weary of wearing that "old gray dress," I was thinking that the women and children you are wearing it for probably wish they had an "old gray t-shirt" to wear.

Perhaps just simply to cover their body, rather than always being forced to have it exposed.

Or maybe they wish they could wear something "drab" and unfashionable in and of itself. They probably wish they had something to make them less noticeable or desired. Not that they are even "desired" in a wholesome way.

Thanks, Teresa.


Kelly (with about 6 others) are wearing dresses with me for one month. Her month ends on her bday and is asking for a donation to TDP for gifts.


pic38 weeks and side baby bump.....speaking of the and peanut butter and jelly. Staples.