Land Celebration!

As long as we are on the topic of celebrating....let's celebrate Land and Giving. Land: What a sweet Land Celebration with Jeff Wilbarger at Covenant Church this past Sunday. He is this burley, woodsy man who wept for the oppressed and abused openly and publicly. So moving. We got to see the layout and house plans for the safe house, hear a very hard sexual abuse story from a grown woman with children sharing about her fathers abuse toward her, and worship and thank God that this Project is off the ground and happening.

Giving: I asked for a midway tally (though I only have 75 more days!) for giving with my little project. So far through wearing this dress I have raised close to a thousand dollars: $940. This is what people have reported to me - is there more I don't know about? I bet. So fun!

Enduring: I welcome March with my whole heart round here. February seems dark, cold, hopeless. But I've turned the corner with this dress, with an amazing gift of pregnancy, with sunshine and 42 degrees tomorrow. Come on Spring! You can do it. I really try to embrace the seasons, the cycle of life, the death so that life means just what it is: a hope deferred.

What are you hopeful for this Spring?


Can you believe my project is more than half over and I am just NOW meeting Jeff? He is so sweet.


Rob, Greg and Susie led the worship as we celebrated and dedicated this land for The Daughter Project to God.

pic1A few new sweaters came my way from my sister in law this weekend - SO great. I am quite tired of my clothing. Thanks Eileen!