Winter Survival Kit: Create and Compete

I've been battling the blues. Pretty bad. Anyone else? Gray everywhere. Gray outside. Gray inside. Gray Dress. It's higher than me, it's higher than me. And hormones, right? Lethargic and tired. What I do know, if we are going to stay in Bowling Green for a while (CO anyone? Raleigh?) is that in the winter I need to be creating and competing - 2 strengths.

So - arranging and creating around my home with greenery and plants:


And Tennis. I cannot believe what it does for my soul. I just LOVE it. I love the racquet, the court, the ball. All of it. We played platform tennis this week (outside game, kinda funky, cross between raquetball, ping pong and tennis) and I was lighter. So we start some winter tennis lessons tonight. I am SO exited.


What's in your Winter Survival Kit?