The CNN Freedom Project

Just got off the phone with CNN International. (Really? Yes. Then wiped my son's nose and crawled into our tent to play. Just another day wearing one gray dress.) They'll be coming up in April to do an interview with Jeff Wilbarger (TDP Director) and I. Amazing. We will be included in their latest campaign. Yesterday they just announced and launched their Freedom Project:


This year CNN will join the fight to end modern-day slavery. With its unmatched global reach and resources, CNN will shine a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery and amplify the voices of the victims. Through passionate storytelling, celebrity and charity partnerships, provocative documentaries, live events, content strands across destination shows, distinct online platforms and viewer involvement, the CNN Freedom Project will help educate, motivate and unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.

Check out their promo video. Hold onto your hats, good people. They plan to tear the lid right off the biggest, most horrendous world business affair - and expose those who have only unfairly and cruelly exposed others.

Day 113. 42 Degrees. Sorta Sunny.

Dear Daughters: May you know you are loved. You are being fought for. You are so very special.