paczki Hope you are all Fat and Happy from Fat Tuesday yesterday....yesterday was the first time I have ever liked a Paczki. A blueberry filled one. YUM. Must be Baby Roo. (That's our name around here, fondly after Winnie the Pooh and pals). But no weight gain yet, even though peanut butter and pizza are my middle name. I really try not to indulge - but come on. They are SO good. We are in Week 10! 10 weeks of gift receiving. Unreal.

Speaking of Fatso Tuesday (and soon Fatso Amy with Baby)....Lent has begun today! Do you say "Happy Ash Wednesday!" ? I think I will. I've got the Catholic blood going on. I can bust it out.

Have you considered, for your fasting (or perhaps adding) this Lenten Season - donning one dress for 40 days? I dare you. Double dog. Won't you join me in learning about the needs of those who are enslaved? No guilt here, though, friends. Enough of that.

And in other news....on a secular note: Twitter. I tweet about every 3 days. You can follow me at: amycseiffert. You can also follow The Freedom Project by CNN:http://twitter.com/cnnfreedom

I hope the first day of Lent, whether you are well aware or not, is sweet for you. May hope and Spring and infant blossoms dance in your head.