Robby and The Hives

Sounds like a band. Or a children's book. Or both.  He started with a 101 temp on Tuesday and woke up Wednesday with some tiny little pinkish bumps.  After his morning nap on Wednesday it all went downhill. Or uphill - the bumps ramped up. It seemed like every minute there were more bumps and they were getting bigger and redder. The color of strawberries. Pretty scary.

I ended up running into the doctor's office asking them to either see him now or I was running down the hall to the ER. They took one look and they called the doctor in. She quickly grabbed a steriod shot and administered it into his thigh. Oh, motherhood.After he calmed down one of the nurses asked if she could take a picture of Robby because he was a "classic, but cute case"  of a hive breakout.  When they send me the photo, ahem, I will post it for you all.  

So what was the scoop? No idea. We racked our brains: Did he eat something new? Did he have new detergent? New oils? Nope.The only thing we can think of is if he picked up a tiny morsel/crumb from the floor that he is allergic to and ate it. Which he does quite often, even though I am Sweeping-Nazi-Mom. Maybe a bit of a peanut or a strawberry or something. But then again there has also been an airborne case of poison sumac that could have caused it around here. 

The doctor said 99% of hives are never really detected. Super duper. I really do hope there is not a sequel to the fine story of Robby and The Hives.