Interview Postponed

Isha Sesay got pretty tied up and had to rearrange our CNN interview last minute. They were very apologetic and sweet. Wow. No prob, CNN. You're CNN. Whatever works for you. I am humbled to have a scheduled interview, let alone that it actually happens. The plan now is to wrap up the final day with an interview: May 15. I was bummed on one hand, and thankful on another - as we have a week of traveling ahead of us and we were jamming in the interview.

Part of our plans are in Las Vegas for a few days on business for Rob.

And it's overwhelming.

Rob commented after being here for a few hours: "Nothing is subtle, reserved or modest about it/themselves in this city." And all I can think about is that Las Vegas is one of the top destination cities where Toledo, an origin city, brings girls for trafficking. Nevada is the only legal state for prostitution and it is evident.

Trinity, who is wrapping up her month with me, puts it best from her blog:

With just 5 days of the dress project left, I’ve been reading a little more on why Toledo is such a gateway for human trafficking. The top cities for trafficking are Miami, Portland, Las Vegas, and Toledo.  Because so many of the child sex slavery victims in Vegas are from Toledo, that beings Toledo ranking 3rd. Not the proudest ranking, huh?  Toledo is not just a “selling” point for many foreign born and domestic born  slaves, but also a heavy recruitment location. So the question is “Why Toledo?” A few reasons – 1) there are many major highways and the turnpike running through the city,  2) The proximity to Canada,  3) The very weak laws in Ohio regarding prosecuting traffickers (and of course the unwillingness of many victims to testify out of fear for their lives or their families’  lives),  4) There is a growing demand for cheap labor in Ohio, 5) There is a generational epidemic – many women who are prostitutes have groomed their children and then their grandchildren, preparing them for a life in sex slavery. Literally, a third generation of slaves.

Eek. I came to tears at breakfast for this city and the women who have no voice. I'm here for 2 full days and I just want to be a safe person for anyone I meet (who knows whose tied up in what), along with teaching my son to treat women with dignity, respect and love. My pregnant self and my four year old are not hitting the city night life much and are pretty much poolside - but it's running through my head all the time.