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This post comes straight from the Director of TDP:

Ohio Trafficking commission Report – 2010

“…1,078 youth have been trafficked into the sex trade (in Ohio) over the course of a year.”

Of course, even one child is too many but 1,078 is a number beyond true comprehension!  Also, the expression “sex trade” used by the report is far too kind.  It would more accurate to say the youth have been trafficked into the “rape trade” or these youth have been “enslaved to rapists.”  Words mean things and they often have subliminal messages as well.  “Sex trade” makes it sound like this is a legitimate form of trade or business and it is not.  Trafficking is a crime not a legitimate part of a capitalistic society.  Also, “prostitute” or “child prostitute” are incredibly offensive terms and completely wrong.  It makes it seem like these women and children have chosen to “work” in this “trade” as an expression of their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”  No one would choose to be raped every day by multiple men for little or no pay!  If we are going to help these victims, then we must stop believing the myths…

  1. Some women just like to have a lot of sex.
  2. They deserve to be treated like this, they’re just women.
  3. I paid them so you can’t call it rape.
  4. She chose to get hooked on drugs and so now she needs to accept the consequences.
  5. This is a victimless crime; I get the sex my wife won’t give and the slut gets her money.

Everyone is a victim in this crime.  The women and girls are the primary victims.  They basically lose everything; dignity, self-worth, hope, purpose, joy and so much  more.  Ultimately they lose their lives emotionally & mentally and this abuse almost invariably leads to an early death.  However, the men are unwitting victims as well.  They do not realize they have lost their; dignity & self-respect.  They intrinsically know what they are doing is wrong but they remain enslaved to their physical lusts and it slowly deteriorates their soul.

God created us to be free; free to love Him and to love others.  May He help us lead the girls in our recovery home to freedom and may the men who are involved be set free from their selfish, destructive lifestyle.  For His glory!

Thanks, Jeff. Raising a little boy (and another - who can say???) makes me want him to know what his freedom means and to use it for giving gifts to others and not stealing. Even at 4, we will teach this. Even in the sunlight, at breakfast, with the sweetest smirk, I pray for this.

breakfast(Robby a year ago at breakfast with Daddy)