Kinda Lost

I do feel a bit lost Day 2 of no gray dress. I honestly keep looking for it and then realize I don't have to find it and put it on in the morning. I'm like a goldfish rounding the corner and rediscovering the little plastic castle again - oh joy! - I forgot! (Thanks, Ani Difranco) I love it when I realize I am free to wear whatever I like - maternity clothes without another layer and another challenge. The sense of freedom is really interesting - haven't felt like this in a long time. Like a young girl able to eat all the sweets in the world, and no one will say a word.  Another freedom is not finding someone to take a photo of me daily....that really felt self-focused and a bit obnoxious at points. I went shopping with a friend and it was pretty anti-climatic: I was not nearly as interested as I thought I might be. Picked up a black maternity dress for a wedding and some sandals. Nothin' to write home about.

In other news: Tomorrow is our 10 year anniversary (A decade!!! Heading to Ann Arbor for the night) and Robby's Rainbow Preschool 4 year old bday party is tomorrow.....made some Thomas whistle topper cupcakes! Wanted to have a "takeaway toy" for his buddies and found these low-noted whistled (nobody wants a high pitched goody, do they?) 4/$1 at Target. Plopped atop some blue frosting and we're off! Easy and fun.