Summer Time Fun

What a lovely place Bowling Green is in the Summer.... 1Fourth of July fun at our friend's pond. Clarkstock 2011.


Rocket shooting - a 4th of July tradition. He LOVED it.


Everybody needs a refreshing 4th dessert...


A tupperware race track while Momma does the dishes...


28 weeks!


Robby loves playing with his Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up puzzle from Aunt Corrine and Uncle Marco.


Major breakthrough....he asked me to paint his face at the zoo - twice! He usually wants nothing to do with stuff on his face, water, wet anything....and then later that night decided to pour 5 cups of water on his own head to rinse off his own shampoo. Remember that chocolate chip bath? He is a full on "thanks for washing" bath tubber and we don't have any screaming anymore. Hope, my friends. You have hope.