This Week: 34

Well, if you are the praying type - you can ask that Baby Roo cooks just right. This week last time Robby came and it was a bit too early. Really nothing to complain about - truly. He is fine, healthy and quite a bright little guy. Just some immature lungs. Just today I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable. I have some swollen wrists and my back is giving me trouble....feeling just kind of off. A friend reminded me today that I am pregnant. :) I've been consoled by this list lately:

Fun and Weird Facts about Pregnancy:
• A woman’s uterus expands to 500 times its normal size during pregnancy. (Amazing!) • Drinking the urine of a pregnant woman is said to strengthen the immune system. Any takers? • A pregnant woman’s sense of smell is predicted to be almost as acute as that of a dog. • A woman’s foot will typically grow by half a shoe size during pregnancy. (swelling and water retention!) • Most woman experience lots of hair loss three months after their baby is born. • The female bladder can be compressed to the size of a pancake during pregnancy. Yes, ouch! Now you know why she is constantly using the bathroom. • The heaviest baby ever born was 23 pounds, 12 ounces. • Chocolate, potato chips and tacos are the 3 most craved foods of pregnant woman according to a 2008 survey. • On average a pregnant woman loses 13.5 pounds within an hour of delivery. (Woohooo) • Pregnant woman are 50 times more susceptible to sun burn.

We also took Robby to the ER Saturday evening - as he was writhing in pain and we were nervous about an appendicitis. It wasn't that - just very cloudy and crowded intestines. Poor guy. That's the last time we do fast food. Eek.

The BGSU students moved in on Friday...and we were passing out our Cru Cards (discounts good all year all over town) and hanging out with Freddy and Frieda Falcon (Robby adores them!)