True confessions...

I love being a mom. I love his giggle. And his toes. And his little bum. And his recent wave-to-everything-inanimate gesture. His love of books and sitting in our laps for long periods of time. His singing........I really cannot list it all.  But sometimes, in the quiet of the morning, in the dead of summer, when I am used to a hustling, bustling school year of college students in and out of my home, being on and off campus, in and out and here and there.......sometimes I get a little bored being a stay at home mom.   

(huge gasps! faces of dismay! judgement!) 

Actually, I am sure none of the above happened if you are a mom. There are just days, weeks, times, moments where staying at home is not that exciting or adventurous. You are just doing your mom routine. In the groove. Cut up small chunks of food. Get fresh milk. Change a diaper here. Prevent him from falling down stairs. Patty cake. Teach him to know where his head is. Clean up the mess below his high chair. Read some books. Down for a know the drill. 

No one likes their job ALL the time, my husband reminds me. I know, I know. But somehow it feels un-virtuous to admit. Let alone say out loud. Let alone post on your blog. But I did it. No shame here. Sometimes it just is.

Here's to you, silent mom, who has felt like her day drags on and does not really matter. You can admit it, it's ok. We both know those days are few and far between and that mother-love overpowers so much. And we both know that these small things do matter. That raising a little person who will shape our world is a worthy, noble and beautiful calling.....that maintaining and sustaining a little world for this person is in the very image of God.