Yellow, White and Blue?

Have you ever seen a yellow watermelon? Me neither.  Radioactive? That was our guess. But we ate it all the same this past 4th of July down in Cincinnati. Mmmmm.....yummy. It was honey-ish and sweet and good.

But the whole time I kept commenting to my in-laws: "Ok, seriously, why is this yellow? What happened to the red watermelon? Is anyone questioning this besides me? Is anyone concerned? Should I be feeding this to my son? Are we all going to die?"

And they just kept munching. 

So I conceded and gave some to Robby and he loved it. Alrighty, then. We were in Cinci for the weekend as Rob, T, Michael and his dad tackled one of the side decks. Pretty bad shape, I was told. They redid two walls, slathered new tar (or "frosting") down and then a new roof to prepare for new deck boards. I visited with my sister who graciously took me and Robby and her baby Keira out to Breakfast. Can you say strawberry sauce? That was good. Thanks, Hol, you're the best. I liked chilaxin' with you and yours this weekend. It was a rather low key 4th.

robby-and-keira.jpg Did Robby lean into this one for the camera? Yes, he did.  yellow-watermelon.jpgrobby-eating-yellow-watermelon.jpg