Foggy Post

r and oRobby and Olive. I just love even typing their names together. The cutest. Foggy realities:

-It seems I am clawing tooth and nail at Sleep's door. He will not open it unto me. Sleep, O Sleep, why don't you let me in? (grin)

-Olive is awesome, but I forgot about these first 3 weeks or so of newborn life..... feeling a I fell off a cliff.

-Still healing after pushing a watermelon out of my lower parts....a watermelon doesn't seem right. Just plain wrong. But I did it. They say about 40 days - 6 weeks of healing. Yup.

-I am amazed at my church: 3 meals a week for a month - amazing. Cooking seems daunting.

-My sister and hubby and family drove up with my parents to play and be with us and bring us amazing goodie and gifts and to sweep my floor. Thank you, family, I love you.

-She eats every 2.5 hours. Sooooo: Wakes up. Eats for 30 minutes. Awake for a diaper change, maybe - 15/20 minutes to do this. Unless she pees on her outfit. Outfit change. New diaper. 30 minutes when all said and done. Back asleep for and hour. Start over. All day and all night long. (Sleep, let me in, you mean fool!)

-Though I do not love ALL parts of this book, The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg is by far my favorite, down the middle in philosophy of baby parenting that I love. The big take away: E.A.S.Y. The baby Eats, has an Activity, Sleeps, and then it's You time (shower, sleep, etc)

-Ode to the car seat: We have tried every kind of sleeping with our the crib, in our bed, in a car seat....and the winner is: Car Seat. Olive gets to be nestled in, next to my bed (for easy access), a bit tilted up (she is fighting a cold, but in general just likes this). We love, you car seat. I just pick her up, nurse her in bed, and swing her back in. No getting out of my bed, flipping on lights, any of that. Feels great.

-First "I'm still a human being and not just a milk factory" moment this week: Target. I made it. I took both of my children. I got a pair of shoes. Human. Functioning. Then slept during rest time and still feeling the accomplishment high.

-Poundage: Olive has gained 1.3 pounds in 17 days! YES. She is at 7.3lbs - amazing. I am doing the opposite - sweating and nursing my pounds away. I wake up drenched in sweat as my body is losing water weight and readjusting to Operation Baby Out. 11 more to go. To lose 18 pounds in 2.5 weeks is rather crazy to watch (as I am eating like a cow - nursing! whoo!) I know, I know. 9 months to get it on, 9 to get it off.

-Husband: I love you. You are the best man around. May God bless you, your work, your days. May He give you more strength to love another woman in  your life. May she be more like you than like me ;)

-Tennis. I miss you. When will we be best buds again? When will I run around and wack that neon ball and feel like the racket is my sword in life? Soon, my friend.

-Best moments: Robby saying: "Hi, sweet Olive! Good morning, squeaky girl!" I love it. He dotes on her, kisses her toes, runs to get her burp cloth, picked out her outfit today and builds her castles in front of her swing. Amazing. "When can she play with me, Mama?" about a year, babe.

-Any advice for me? I am feeling like a rookie mom all over's been 4 years. Some things seem like riding a bike, others not so much.