Le Leche Leage

gotta love the boob experts. I mean, for real. Le Leche League's website has everything you could wonder about regarding breastfeeding. Dear young moms, don't let anyone tell you breastfeeding is easy; it certainly is not. It is a major sacrifice, it is a dance you must learn between you and your baby, and you might find yourself crying just as much as they are. I found comfort in the line: "The mother may be grieving the perfect breasfeeding experience right now. Be there to comfort her." Yes.

They are pretty excited about how breast is best and all the benefits of breasfeeding....kinda in your face. So I take it in stride, but they've got great information if you've chosen this route and you need help. They have a breastfeeding help hotline for crying out loud (no pun intended).

8 of the 10 symptoms for acid reflux are also the same symptoms for someone who has "oversupply" and "rapid let down" (me!) and we've worked 3 new things out:

-I have actually reduced my milk supply! amazing.

-Crying is a babies last ditch effort at telling you she is hungry. They grunt and bat at their mouth and wiggle before they cry. They feed better mostly asleep  - and I have found this so true. I get her before she is fully awake.

-I lean WAY back while feeding....this lets my rapid let down become not so rapid as gravity helps out.

This has really helped our life a TON. Not to mention at 7 weeks (almost 8) she has been doing 2 four hour streches at night....nice!

In other news....my husband is a fantastic concrete counter builder and we just went to Columbus to make some for his sister - how beautiful: