Just Get to 3 Months and Then Turn Right

We have officially turned a corner. Praise God. Olive seems to have little trouble nursing anywhere, anytime, awake, asleep, loud, noisy, whatever. I feel like a new mom for her. It's like 3 months hit (in 3 days) and we are smooth sailing. "I will nurse her until 3 months....and then....." That was my last under-my-breath threat in a late night struggle with my sweet girl. {And talk about a struggle. This blog puts it perfectly (perfectly crass and honest and hilarious) recommended by a friend/sister in law.}

And here we are.

One of my biggest fears was pulling off a massive Tree Trimming Christmas party with 60 plus friends AND a newborn. Would she cry her head off the whole night? Would she even nurse after I unzip my party dress and then have to try to redress and feel ready to party again after we duke it out to just eat? Would a simple meal spiral into a wailing session for both party girls? Would she even be able fall asleep in the chaos?

She was a trooper - amazing! We just passed her around at the party and she was the queen in the corner for the night. In fact, she was pretty overstimulated. We put her down and she lay awake, not saying a word, for a half an hour. We kept checking on her and she just was wide-eyed, swaddled and quiet. She finally just drifted into sleep. Sweet Olive.

And a great party it was. One of the best party gifts we received was our dearest friends Marco and Corrine who came in and bartended and served during our party - and mingled as they did. It was wonderful.

May you get to your "3 Months" and turn the corner in whatever capacity you need. Grace and more grace upon you.