Ho hum.

I took an Everyday Spirituality class a few summers back and it has come up a lot since being a mostly stay at home mom. I thought I would share my thoughts about the mundane daily stuff of life..... 


{Musings from my class on The Theology of Every Day Spirituality}


Ho hum.


I just got finished doing another load of laundry. Before that I changed yet another stinky diaper. And after I did that, I cleaned up the dishes from last night's dinner and wiped off the counter tops and added food scraps to my compost pile. Then I swept the floor because the lavender that is drying in my doorway tends to fall off when Rob's head hits it as he goes upstairs. Rob was heading upstairs to our office studio so he could pay the bills and then balance the checkbook. Next we'll punch in our receipts for the week.


Ho hum. Daily life. Unending chores. The boring stuff of life that I need to maintain that never ends. Wiping bums. Chopping fruit for lunch for my son. Putting away all the toys after every nap. That's at least 3 clean-ups a day. Doesn't it seem that daily life gets in the way from doing really spiritual things?


I used to say an emphatic "yes!" to that question.


But I have learned and am learning that daily life is spiritual.  There is no separation of the sacred and the secular. God is a worker and has always been working. When we do those "mundane" chores and that continual cleaning up of our homes and yards - our patch of earth - we are operating as co-workers with God.


Let me encourage you. God as Worker is a Sustainer. Much like a Homemaker, one in Organizational work, Administrative work, Service roles and Politics. 


God is a Creator. Much like one in Business, Art, Music, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Graphic Design.


God is a Redeemer. Like one in Medicine, Law, Counseling, Pastoring and Technicians. 


And He is much more as a Worker.


So, that receptionist position you have is spiritual and worthy and good. That landscaping job - it is in His image as Creator and Sustainer. Cleaning, doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher - those never-ending daily tasks - those are Sustainer and Maintainer activities. Those are in His Image. Those are an act of worship to Him. Co-creating with God that is good and God-imaging.


This is true and right and not just God-talk.  Daily life is spiritual. Spirituality is found as I fold my husband's clothing and clean up after my son.


That's refreshing for me...and good for my soul that can think these things do not matter and keep me from doing truly spiritual work.  Good job, mothers. Wonderful work. Your daily care-taking activities are equally spiritual to praying or freeing people from the slave trade industry or other noble causes.  How refreshing.


I'm off to design and create dinner!


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  - 1 Corinthians 10:31


As I am staying mostly at home....I get to see sweet moments like this with Robby and Sophia as they look like they are sharing a secret: