NYC and the Grandparents

We are off to celebrate our 7 year anniversary (it was in May, but, you know) with our friend Marco in New York City. He lives in Manhattan and enjoys the city life. We've been before and so the possible adventures ahead are always fun.  However, we are leaving Robby for the first time with Mimi and Grandpa. For 3 days!!! Will he walk while we are gone? Will he still remember me? Will he cry all night? Will he be mischevious? A little of each, I'm sure. 

I got some great advice from a dear friend: you will miss him more than you anticipate; you won't get as much done as you expected. Well, there is not much to "accomplish" in NYC but to enjoy friends and good food, but I know exactly what she means. It's about my heart in everything. If you think of it, you can pray that Robby and my parents bond fantastically.   

Here's a recent play area Robby has chosen... robby-under-chair.jpg