The Seiffert Academy

Has a nice ring to it, right? Well, I am sweating as I type this.....

I might home school.

It's out there. I wrote it. You read it. Holy Moly. Wanna hear my list so far? My loss/gain list? My pro/con? My what the heck am I thinking or not thinking list? My will he be the weird kid if we do this list?

It's coming. I am fearing all of your judgement, comments, gasps, sighs, sipping-your-coffee-and-you-just-spit-it-at-your-computers....ya know. What will people think? (And I breathe out, practice preaching to myself: it does not matter what "they" think. It is our family) You may have fantastic thoughts. Be respectful in them.....and let me know. I am quite open.

I have a stack of 5 books that I am educating myself with, reading, taking notes, thinking, rethinking.....I am interviewing friends, families.....Rob likes the idea....and we go back and forth. Teeter totter. Tottering. Teetering.

One thing I do know: We will make one decision for one kid for one year at a time for schooling.

Very freeing. If we homeschool, we start with kindergarten. We don't start with chemistry. We start with character building. We start with values. We start with one to one education. We start with freedom and exploration and learning for the love of learning. We start with Robby.

I'll keep you posted.