Fat Souls

Another word from "Loving the Little Years" that hits my inner core each time (yes, I keep re-reading this 90 page book). Because I am so prone to order rather than letting loose (what happened to me? many were SO excited for me to have children because they said how creative I would be with them.....working on it).

Because it's faster to do it alone and I forget that the American efficiency trophy is not the prize. Love and fat souls are.

Because I need grace and this is so good to see.

From Rachel:

"I can clearly remember one night when I was big pregnant with Blaire and realized too late that we were out of tortillas. I figured I would just make some quickly. When I started this project I was alone in the kitchen. About a minute and half into it I had been discovered. Four chairs into the kitchen, four children anxiously awaiting a chance to help. I remember Titus actually bumping into my legs with my chair and very politely saying, "Excuse me, Mama! 'Scuse me!" Then came the real action: Titus wildly dusting flour on the tortilla I was rolling, someone cracking into the drawer and passing out rolling pins. Everyone rolling and dusting, and rolling and wadding the dough back up and having a grand old time too. I looked out of the haze of flour and elbows feeling very ready to blow the whistle , and I saw my husband smiling and laughing. He nodded at me and said 'It's okay." I knew what he meant. Fat souls are better than clean floors.

It is just that very often it is a fine time for helpers - even a good time for them, if I am willing to get the grace for it."

IMG_3817my eager little helper.....