Art Show!

IMG_3795 This is one of my pieces out of 11 that will be featured and for sale this Month at Art A Site. My art us up the entire month of April, and will be there through the Bowling Green Downtown Artwalk on April 28.

A reception open to the public will be held from 5:30-7:30 on Thursday, April 19. Would love for you to come and bring your friends who need some soft, fabricky goodness in their home.

I recently told a friend that since Olive just turned 6 months...I have felt close to running at full capacity again. Back to my size, to more sleep, to finding time for art-making (well, a little bit, not much - who am I kidding) and back to 3 things instead of one per day of my to-do list. Praise God! But I know....just as I tap these keys....I am sure I'll hit a good run of survival in life again.....and that's how it goes. ;)

But for now  - let us make ART!