The Spirituality of Anthropologie

anthro Beauty and Soul and God and Femininity and Peace are connected....are they not?

I walked through Anthropologie (have you been?) for 2 hours on our anniversary (whattaguy)- one of my most favorite stores in the world. We need a Spirituality of Anthropologie.

At every turn there is beauty. Such attention to detail. Color that is lickable. Textures and shapes and layers that beckon: Come join me! It's sweet over here! Well developed lines in dresses, tailored perfectly. Pillows and books and mugs and earrings....such restful, peaceful symmetry and asymmetrical ideas dancing all around me.

I used to feel bad for loving this store so much - like it was "worldly" and existed of base matter and things that will rust and not last. Where there certainly is some of this - there is a real beauty that leads me to worship God. Follow me.

I had several pieces of clothing in my hands for the trying (gift cards, gift cards!!) and I walked to the dressing room and was greeted with a woman with such a natural ease to herself - you just felt fabulous in your own shoes in her presence.

Each thing I tried on - she made me feel like a queen. THIS is how EVERY woman ought to feel. Full of dignity, value, beauty, intrinsic worth. And it wasn't just me. It was every woman, shape, size, kind of beauty that afternoon that was treated with such respect. And fun. Just fun trying on all these beautiful textures and colors and designs.

I waltzed toward my husband with each piece and he smiled, called me lovely, and let me saunter back with joy. At one point, in between rounds of walking the store, I sat next to him, took it all in and let some tears well. I couldn't get over all the beauty.

I find God at Anthropologie. Isn't it something? I found God in the sweet woman helping me look fabulous (who wouldn't in these dresses?) I found God in the colors - such muted grays and greens and pinks. In the design and shapes. In the repetition of rectangles and squares on the wall. In fabric - oh the fabric! In the glazed pots overflowing with mugs and little sweet things.

Art and People. They are moving to my soul.

What unexpected place has quickened your soul toward God?