The Birthday Box

I searched all over, asked friends and just couldn't find a model for what I was looking for. So, make it up, of course. The Birthday Box.

I love the idea of rites of passages....and their just aren't enough in our culture. So, we wanted to present our children with a privilege and a responsibility with each passing year on their birthday. We started it this year and will add each year after 5 for Robby. We also have daily chores and small things Robby can do around the house, but we wanted something that he knew was his to own - both as a gift and as a responsibility. IMG_4053


Privilege: 25 cents allowance


Responsibility: Clean your own room

They are one card, that flips to show the other side. We will add one for each year. Do you have other ideas about something like this? Always welcome to stories or suggestions of what you do.