Hospitality 101

"Hospitality is making space in your heart for another to be free."  - Paul Stevens

I have been asked by several friends (many who have stayed with us) about our "Seiffert House Rules" why not share what we go through with each house guest. We have had many stay with us over the past 8 years for different periods of time. From 10 days to 5 months. (btw - if you have joined us, give a shout out!)

Living with the Seiffert Family!

It's an adventure and we'd love for you to be a part of the family....when you are here with us. I don't want to make a list of "rules"....but I do want to lay out some realities and expectations for living with us:

-Please join us for dinner (if it works in your schedule). We eat about the same time each night and we always eat together as a family. You are included. :)

-We will give you a house key. Come and go as you please....we aren't your parents....but we are parents. So if you think you might be gone to the point where we might wonder if you are still alive, just communicate with us (note/text/phone)

-We desire that any guest please dress modestly. Also we (Rob and I and now you) share the only shower in the upstairs bathroom. Please wear a robe or some transitional clothing from your room to the bathroom - we don't want any awkwardness..... and this can be. Plainly stated, please always wear a bra. I need this to be a safe place for my he's not on his guard for purity in his own home.

-Please keep your belongings in your room. I like to keep a clean house.

-I will clear a cupboard for your food, snacks, etc that you can have in the kitchen.

-We would love for you to pitch in with chores around the house as you are able....and even be willing to do some babysitting if that works for you and for us and our schedules. In the past, when Robby and Olive are down for the night, we've enjoyed slipping out for an hour or so (tennis!). But we can chat about this.

-Living with a family is much different than living with roommates in college. We go to bed fairly early and we have routines for ourselves and our son. We don't watch much TV and like to wind down at night in the living room. :) We are old. It can just be a little more shocking if you are still in college.

-Feel free to have friends over, please just ask us first. We'd love to get to know your friends (if we don't already!)

-Do your laundry here, for sure.

-Our house is a pretty open door with friends and neighbors popping in pretty frequently. Sometimes it's a really fun circus....just so you know. We like to keep an open door and friends stopping by.

-On the flip side, now that I am a mom, the house is my home base. It's my respite area and my place of safety and growth and play with Robby and Olive. I want this to be the same for any friend staying here - but know that I am here a lot and need space, quiet and alone time at points (mostly during Robby's/Olives rest/nap time).

-We don't take rent. ;) Our house is provided for by God - and we want to give that gift to others. So don't even think about it.

And for good obligatory Daddy/Daughter photo....

daddy and olive