Hot Topics of Motherhood

books I have been going back and forth on our schooling choice all July. I have woken to anxiety and stress. Each piece of teaching material I get in the stomach turned. I was overwhelmed. Is this what Robby really needs? Is this what I really need? Is this what our marriage and family really needs?

I spilled it all to Rob a week ago. I'm talking SPILL. Gushing, crazy flow of inner turmoil. And he looked at me, calmly, and said: "I am not tied to one or the other. All education has its upsides and downsides. It comes down to parenting and home life."

We took the entire week to pray about it and really listen less to the voices around us and more to God and our family needs and choices.

Today, I just enrolled Robby into half day Kindergarten in BG. I feel really good about it. Great, actually.

In the end, it's what set of challenges are we willing to take on. I REALLY love the idea of Homeschooling. Not this year.

If you want to know much more....just ask. I am learning that the Hot Topics of Motherhood are really personal, family choices. And I want to let you live how you are going to live. And me, how I am. Let's cheerlead one another through our choices, support us when we fail, talk through it when we are undecided.

Working Moms (Part, Quasi, Fulltime) vs. Stay at Home Moms

Breastfeeding vs. Bottlefeeding

Epaderal vs. Natural Birth

To Spank or not to spank........

Great topics.....hard topics.....layered and complicated topics. May God give you the grace to make your choices. And then the grace to change them.