Dang It

He was on the Ipad playing frisbee. Continually losing, Robby yelled: "Dang it!" Rob and I both gave a sideways glance....hmmm. Doesn't seem like something we want our 5 year old to say - though correctly used in context. (good job, bud!)

How do you decide what words you want your children to use?

Morphing some ideas together from friends - this phrase has emerged -  Words are like knives: You need to learn how to use them.

Some words are just too strong for them right now. They need to be around them, listen and we then can help them decide what is wise or not for them. I don't want to be afraid nor enamored with strong words. I want to talk about them openly and calmly.

So we told Robby that DangIt was too strong for him. He could use Oh Brother!, Bummer! or Geez!  He has used a combination of them all. I found he needed some suggestions or examples.

How do you deal with strong words for your kids?