There are days I watch the clock more than I watch my children. My children and time are both gifts. Let each mundane Lego building moment be the gift it already is. They are the gifts they have been all along. I'm the one in need of teaching and growing up and hearing well.

After 3 of my best friends at 3 separate times crushed on this book, I've picked it up. "One Thousand Gifts." Wow. Raw. Honey sticky sweet. Vivid. I had no idea what stopping to name the gifts in my life would be like. It kind of feeds my competition to hunt and celebrate during my mundane laundry folding sessions....or as I hear of a dear friends diagnosis with cancer...or struggling lungs of another friend who should be breathing the fullest of life in but cannot seem to get the Oxygen he needs. Gratitude? Have we met? Forgive me, your face is totally familiar....I know we've met before....

More to come on the Ode to Gratitude.

PS Dear readers, I love your ideas on dinner drama. Mom? You want to weigh in? :)