Offense vs Defense



If you are around any Christian community for a little while you will quickly learn that reading and hearing God's word is important. For knowing God and getting the facts on His character vs the lies we make up or others make up for us.

And you often hear that it is a good idea to read God's word in the morning. That it starts your day well, puts truth on a clean slate before any other chalk starts writing on the walls of your mind. That it's quiet and you can lay your requests before Him for your whole day.

But I didn't buy it. I haven't really loved mornings.....ever. I like sleep. A lot. And I felt like reading and praying during other times of the day was just great. And it was. So, I guess we're talking about better and best on this one. Or, offense and defense.

It's been about a year that Rob and I have gotten up before the kids do. He makes the coffee. I snuggle in the corner (now by the fire). I read and pray. Then we take a 2 minute moment to move our electronic budget into place. And then do about 15-20 minutes of yoga.

A few days ago we missed the alarm. And a silly little monkey boy hopped on me out of pure, amazing Olive cried out for milk. It was a startling wake-up...and I was grumpy. Defensive...and on the defense. I felt the rest of my day was just me playing defense with my kids....putting out small fires and catching up with them. I desperately wanted to be ready for them. To have the upper hand. To be on offense.

And when I get up, have some quiet time and THEN Robby comes down and pounces - I am ready. I am prepared and I am in a place to make things happen.

For the first time, after a year, I appreciated, as a mom, our offensive morning routine. I feel a sense of readiness, heart preparation, and willingness that I otherwise did not have.

Anyone relate?