Day 21

  It takes 21 days to make a habit, right?

Well praise God. I am on day 21 of Not Raising My Voice at my children. YAHOO!!!! I'll raise my voice to that!

With our 1,2,3 Magic for key phrase I repeat to myself "Not an option....not an option....losing control is not an option...." and prayer and accountability - God is producing self control in me and I am SO grateful.

Alongside my kick my own ass plan....I've been devouring a book titled: "Grace Based Parenting." Here's a sweet quote you can chew on for encouraged if your kids are getting's some helpful insight:

Children feel secure when they know they are accepted as they are.

"Many of our kids do things that frustrate, annoy or embarrass us, but they are not wrong. These are the unique things that make them individuals - the emotional, intellectual and physical DNA. These are also the things that have no moral problems affixed to them. Every time we point these things out, we tell them that they don't measure up. This builds a foundation of insecurity in them.......Kids go through awkward times where they don't think they're attractive, smart or interesting. What is key in all of this is that a parent should communicate nothing but acceptance for the unique characteristics of their children. When they do that, a child senses the kind of acceptance that God has for us in our uniqueness." - Dr. Tim Kimmel