Thanks, Coach.

"You're young. Strong. You have a beautiful stroke.....we need to leverage your speed." "That was a gorgeous shot. That is EXACTLY how you do it, ladies. Did you see how Amy did that?"

"Watch out for her speed, ladies. She ain't playin' around."

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect serve."

These encouraging and directing statements are fuel for my very soul. I don't hear someone speak often into my life that is so specific to a skill set - someone watching me and directly giving me positive feedback. And correction. Right on the spot. For a full hour and a half of my day. I want to put my Tennis Pro that works with 6 of us ladies at Drill in my pocket and have him there all day long. Who wouldn't?

One of my favorite things about high school was being a 3 sport varsity athlete. But what made it my favorite? My coaches. You were one of 15 girls that was corrected, built into, directly encouraged, cared about.....they were such positive men and influences in my life. I realized how much I missed simply being coached when I stepped into a Drill for tennis this winter.

At the risk of sounding dramatic - it was as if a part of me that was dead had come back to life. The part that when directly coached while competing rises up, gives it her all, and fights to win. At 33....I still need a coach. And I'm pretty sure until I die. It seems that vital to who I am. And I see those words spilling over into other areas of my life. It's healing.

And is it really just me? Haven't we all had a coach, a teacher, a mentor....people who have breathed encouragement into our lives? Aren't we integrated beings....relying and needing the beauty of life-words from others who see what we cannot see standing at a different angle....just watching?

Our Tennis Pro is also old enough to be my father (and he reminds me of it) and a perfect blend of serious and relaxed. As I am out there with women ranging from my age to matters greatly that he is older. He is laid back, everything is positive, and nothing is THAT big of deal. He's seen it all. So you miss a shot? Try again. So you tried to hit it down the line and you failed miserably....your idea was brilliant. Just keep trying. Get the next hit. Make a new move.

It's SO refreshing to me.

Motherhood can feel so private throughout the day. Just you and your one cheering you on. Encouraging you. Correcting you gently but firmly.

"You made lunch while creatively quizzing your boy with math sentences and holding your baby girl while she "helps" you stir super hot mac and cheese without burning her? Did you all see Amy do that? Now THAT'S how you do it."

"You stopped trying to organize the junk drawer to sit down and PLAY with your out all the play-dough, made a huge mess as well as made play-dough army guys and didn't look at the clock as you did it? Excellent!"

"You corrected your oldest child with a soft voice while redirected your toddler from grabbing a knife off the butcher block as you deftly replaced it with a race car? Genius!!!"

I need to find me a Mom Pro. :)


How about you? Do you have a coach?