Bring New Life

Many people have said "Happy Mother's Day" to me today. Each time, it is a surge of joy. I consider it a deep honor and privilege to be in this league of extraordinary women. May unconventional motherhood as well as conventional be inspiring to you today. May you, as a woman, seek to bring into the world new life, new songs, new art, new gardens, new dreams, new thoughts, new ideas, new laughter, new love, new hope, new hugs, new ways of seeing the world and new gifts for others. Bring life, sweet women, and you shall be mothers.


We struggled to get to be parents....24 months of infertility and trying and fear and tears.....for each child. If you are walking through any kind of infertility and want to see where I can look at this post from March 2010 titled "Empty" and keep on reading through the months...