Vacation Ideas

Vacation often includes definitions and connotations such as: exemption and freedom and respite....  

A few thoughts regarding those words and ideas as we have arrived back home safely from a flight across the country. What a gift to see Aunt Heather for 5 days! She is a treasure, a gift, a hilarious sister who has so much to offer our world. She is kind and thoughtful and full of grace.

-And yet.......When we go on vacation do we expect to be exempt and free from responsibilities in daily life? If you take your daily life with you in the form of offspring, how does that work?

-As a Christ-follower, I need a theology of vacations. Do I think I can vacate (leave) God's work in and through me? "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that He has prepared in advance for us to do." -Ephesians 2:10

-Any where we go... look to build real memories. Look for laughter. Look for seashells that are certainly not a part of my daily grind. Little gems. Find them even as the travel may have run you weary.

-Don't pack expectations. Leave them at home. Enjoy the freedom and respite that comes from abandoning what you thought and enjoyed what it all is.

-Have we thought to make a gratitude list as we vacate our normal routines on our trip?

As we return from Los Angeles and spent time visiting family, water, sand and silliness here's my Thankful List:

-For sand slipping through fingers

-For new porch lights, candles and joy

-For breakfast served to me and his sister everyone morning by my husband

-For roller-coasters that take you upside-down and your breath away

-For allowing my son to think he really did steer the entire ride

-For palm trees that you can hold onto and swing on (who knew!?)

-For walking everywhere

-For laughter about days past and present moments

-For one block from the beach apartments

-For Heather



Disney! We did it on a whim. She lives 40 minutes away....why not?!? It's vacation!photo

Swinging on Palm Tree branches...

photoLoving the surf....

photo-2Beach buds...

photoBut I like Heather's hat.....

photo-3Sweet Olive.

photoAt Redondo Beach. One block from H's apartment.

photo-4Great builders build alike....