Sounds I like: "Miss've heard of Pac-man, right? My dad used to play it all the time." -  Robby's 8 year old buddy's question

"Mama? Goin' shoppin'. Loveyou." - Olive, purse in hand, ready to take her baby out the door.


Sounds I do not like (warning, Lego-related):

One thousand plastic colored pieces falling, falling, crashing all over the hard wood floor. Legos. Every. Where. Crying. Projects and hopes and dreams shattered. Sigh.

"Mooooooooooommmmmm!!! Daaaaaaanger!!! Olive at the Lego table! Olive at the Lego table! Alert! Alert!" - Robby. Quite emotional about the fact that Olive is standing 6 feet near the lego table. And just....standing. No real threat in sight.


Sounds that make me laugh:

6 year old boys trying to make farting noises on their arms. Perfect. Here we go.

Robby chasing Olive around our circular part of our house. Over and over and squealing and silliness.


What sounds keep you on your toes, keep you laughing and keep you hopeful?