Ohio Autumn


If there's one thing that Ohio has taught me about life .....it's that seasons change.

They always do.

I am on Day 3 of zero nausea....and I feel a change of season in my pregnancy. Second trimester next week. More energy on it's way. More food preferences (especially healthy ones). Less irritation.

I am SO incredibly thankful. Nausea is awful - and chronic unrest and a general not-feeling well is painful. I am so thankful that this season has changed.

Which begs the question, though, how long can a season last? I know I have walked through seasons where it was weeks upon weeks. And some that were years strung together. Wondering if anything would ever change. But it did. And sometimes, it was my own perspective that changed. And most of the time it was my heart-posture that learned to find thankfulness....even if it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Seasons change.


May there be a natural change that comes your way that gives life and rest.....and may you usher in a change of season, in your heart, where one has been way too long.