Tricks and Treats :)


32: Days since I have blogged. I have been sleeping.....a lot.

16: Weeks pregnant. Feeling good! Praising God!

3: Amount of times a day I sigh largely at the idea of another baby. Overwhelmed mixed with excitement. Yep. Simultaneously.

8: Confession - the amount of Snickers I ate yesterday. Fun Size. Trick or treat day. I acknowledge that is WAY too many. Don't bring it up.

26: The date in November when we find out the sex of the Baby! (votes?)

1: Number of books I am reading right now and it is a really good and helpful one. Titled: "Codependence No More."

4: The amount of times I cried in one day last week when trying to get into a bridesmaid dress for this weekend. I bought it in June. FINALLY got it zipped. Not quite as "slimming" as I remember (wink) bump. How can 7 pounds make THAT much of a difference? Love our baby, love our baby, love our baby.......

9: Number of timeouts my sweet Olive was in during one Thursday last week. Terrific Twos...oh that the right adjective? Trying to stay positive.

1: Number of sisters I have. She took Robby for the weekend (with my parents) for her daughter's birthday party. He had a BLAST. She rocks.

2: Amount of parents I have that suggested the above. They whisked him away. Love it.

64: Number of ounces I am drinking while pregnant a day. This is a full time job, people.


Sometimes you just need to take stock. What's your inventory today?