Hot Spots

What is it with the coats? Every time we need to leave and get coats on I can guarantee you that someone will melt down. My daughter, my son, me. It's the final step before we leave the house and we are all ramped up with book bags and lunches and ideas and hopes and keys.

It doesn't matter if we are going to school, going to play, going to do something amazingly fun or extremely boring. Coat time equals chaos. It's a hot spot.

I usually resort to extreme organization to make this more orderly; hats labeled, perfect wicker baskets, shoes lined up. (Organization here is code for control)

I am reminded today by words from "Loving the Little Years":

"If there is anything I have learned in the course of my fast and furious mothering journey, it is that there is only one thing in my entire life that must be organized. The kids can be running like a bunch of hooligans through a house that appears to be at the bottom of a toaster, and yet, if organization and order can still be found in my attitude, we are doing well.....It is no abstract thing - the state of your heart is the state of your home." - Rachel Jankovic

Today, I am going to walk slowly to the back door. Even if everyone is fast and crazy. I am going to bend down slowly (easy...I'm pregnant) and I am going to help zip others coats slowly. Mine will be last so I don't overheat. I will look into their eyes slowly and I will thank God for them. Lord, help my heart stay organized.


What are your hot spots as a mom or whatever your day job...where you find chaos in your heart?