Love Work

Lately I have been thinking my little people are in my way. But these are my work. They are the ones who are in need of shoes tied, correction, hugs, winks, tickling. Making them laugh and making them breakfast - all in my job description. I have wanted to float above this work (around it, under it) but I need to stay in it. They are not in my way to get to my "real" work on campus or what I really enjoy about being a part time at home mom.

I have been wishing my days away, wishing for less legos and dollhouses and more time for what I love.

What I think I need, after some major tears, boxing matches and exposed envy of my husband's leave-the-chaos-go-somewhere-else-besides-two-year-old-Tantrumville work day is a new definition of work.

Love Work.

In Genesis 29:20 we have one of the purest statements of human love: "So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her." Slave work can become love work. Love transforms all kinds of work into ministry. - Paul Stevens

The days my life feels like I am a slave to cutting small waffle bites, folding endless laundry, sweeping for the third time after a meal.....I need to see the ones I am working for. My children, my husband, my God. My love work.