Peter's Gratitude

This was Pete's last post from his blog to keep us up to date with his health before he passed on Saturday December 7th. Gratitudes.

He was a thankful man. I want follow his example. You can read his past thoughts here. 



A wife who remains ever-faithful and strong in sickness instead of health.
Children who can't wait to ride bikes, climb trees and run around with their Daddy.
58 birthday cards (and five dozen holy cookies) awaiting our daughter on her birthday.Family driving six hours to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

140 financial donors giving over $27,000 to support our family.

A second city that we know like home.

Reconnecting with dear friends and their growing families that time and distance had nudged away.

Texts, emails, phone calls or Facebook PMs just to say "Hi" (even if they aren't always returned).

Two faith communities where we belong and are supported.  

A reading group (Russian literature, Dostoevsky) that is stretching me cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.

A career and an employer that allow me the dignity of meaningful work away from home.

Insurance that covers quite a bit of my care and (so far) has treated me like a person and a patient more than a number and an actuarial statistic.

Skilled and caring professions making medical miracles every day.

14,013 organ donors and families that gave the gift of life last year.

A generous person and family who may be making that decision right now.

One breath,

then another,


and another.