First Real Halloween

Robby had a blast with his Toledo "Ga-Ga's" (grandma and grandpa) during the Thursday Main Street Halloween candy giveaway in downtown BG. We borrowed a sweet spider costume and he walked up and down the street having no idea he was in a costume or what was going on. 17 months, what a fun age.  

I am not a big fan of the celebration of death, fear and ghosts - but I do like honoring the family fun during the daylight with friends and family and making safe memories together. He seemed to like just waling up and down the sidewalk as fast as he could.


We headed to the Gawrons  for Halloween on Friday and had a pumpkin carving contest. Check it out. As usual, we outshot ourselves a little bit with the technicalities of our design - but adding fabric and using linoleum carving tools was fabulous.