Sooo Busy

"Crazy Busy" by Kevin Deyoung was placed in my hand at our annual IndyCC conference this year for all the Cru Staff. His tagline for his book: "A (mercifully) short book about a (really) big problem." Being crazy busy is a really big problem? I'd like to think I have a full life, a cup that is overflowing, days brimming with opportunity.....l got STUFF and THINGS to do and say and write and hear and share.

But, yes, of course, I'm feeling it. And sometimes I wonder if God relates to feeling pulled in one MILLION directions with all the good intentions set out and little boundaries being put up and a lot of enthusiasm poured everywhere but not fully filling up one spot. Because He's.....God. And He is really big and all knowing and all powerful and all......kinds of amazingness. Seems like He can't really relate as He has all the resources to deal with....oh...everything.

Thank God he came in flesh, experienced the earth we are on, and lived (like, defeated death kind of live!) to tell about it.

Deyoung addresses this:

"Many of us are so familiar with [Jesus' life] that we fail to see the obvious. Jesus was a very busy man........Don't think Jesus can't sympathize with your busyness. You have bills that need to be paid? Jesus had lepers who wanted to be healed. You have kids screaming for you? Jesus had demons calling him by name. You have stress in your life? Jesus taught large crowds all over Judea and Galilee with people constantly trying to touch him, trick him and kill him. He had every reason to be run over by a hundred expectations and a thousand great opportunities." - page 55

His point? Jesus was busy, but about the right things. So many good things...but what are MY best things to be doing? I know for sure my kids only have one mom. "Thanks, Captain Obvious," you're thinking..... but it matters. What falls into only what THEIR mom can do and do well? Gotta make a small three point list in my motherhood. And stick to it. More on that later.

I know I have gifts that God has given me, in my own AMY way. (Many of us can teach, write, facilitate, innovate, develop, maximize...but only in our non fungible way) Gotta list that...and when asked to do something...see if it fits on my list. If so, have at it!

I'm looking forward (kinda) to the next chapter he wrote: A Cruel Kindergarchy (You need to stop freaking out about your kids)  Sounds about right.

May you feel like your load is a little lighter today just having knowledge that Jesus carried a large load, too.