Lenten Whispers

French fries. The first thing I can remember giving up with a dear friend in high school that felt really hard and somewhat meaningful to my spirituality. How many french fries a week was I actually eating that I needed to give them up?! Who can say...but apparently they needed to go.

It's not like I need a more sophisticated fast....that was real for what it was. We need ones that intersect our lives, right where we are, like fries to a high school freshman - a momma needs to whisper this Lenten season.

The Whisper Momma.

I will be whispering this season in the high stress places.

The places I want to bark. What are those, you may ask?

-Helping Olive get dressed (the deliberation starts at three.....THREE. Oh sweet Lord....)

-Coming and Going (any getting ready to leave time...so many things! book bags! and gloves! and basketballs!.....and children! THREE. Oh sweet Lord....)

-Dinner cooking time (so much poking and screaming and running and yelling and how many times should I remind them that we are only watching one show as I cook? THREE times? Oh sweet Lord....)


I told them I was practicing whispering during Lent. They thought I was hilarious. Then Robby started whispering to Olive as he got her coat on and zipped her up (his job). You know what - it's pretty hard to be pissed when you are whispering. A lot more smiles and giggles and actual LISTENING happens. It's really something. I've been here before, whispering. But I need 40 days of it.


It's truly going to prepare me for the King. And after you preach on your heart being closely tied to your mouth....it's a thing.

I am praying it changes our communication all together.

What's your Lent season looking like?